In this webinar, Script Angel founder Hayley McKenzie chats with Filmarket Hub’s Rosalind De Aragues about how to write a killer tv pilot script and what to include in your series pitch or bible.


They discuss how to structure your first episode when it’s part of a series-long story arc, how to hook your audience and creating a pilot that sells the show.  Hayley has tips on approaching the development of your story through character or plot.

As well as advice on writing a tv pilot script, Hayley also has advice on creating a series pitch doc, whether to include images, and tackles the question of treatments vs bibles vs pitch decks – what’s the difference and what do you need when you’re writing on spec?

They also discuss writing for the market vs writing your passion project and how to know if you’ve over-developed your project.

For more advice on writing a tv series pitch bible, with tips on what you should include, check out:


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Hayley McKenzie

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