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Professional one-to-one script development support and personalised career advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

Our prices are outlined in the services brochure which you can download below.

Do you offer one-off script notes?

We find that our clients have the most success by working with us through a script development process of 6 months or more so we don’t currently offer ad-hoc script feedback.

Can I have my coaching sessions in-person?

We work with writers all over the world so our coaching sessions are conducted via video-call.

Can you pass my script to agents and producers?

We don’t pass your work onto agents or producers, but we can offer advice on how you can get your work into the right hands.

Will you sell my script for me?

We’re not an agent so we don’t sell your project or script, but we can give you advice and guidance on this.

Can you give me feedback on my script for free?

We know that investing in your own training and development is a financial commitment but we hope that our monthly subscription plan helps to spread the cost. Please download our services and prices brochure below for more details.

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