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"I would recommend Script Angel to anyone looking for further writing career - whatever their level. My coach was intuitive and adapted to my learning style, allowing me to go beyond everything I had learnt about screenwriting before."

Ahsan Kazmi

"They don’t shy away from asking tricky questions but they offer solutions to problems in the work and are always supportive. Most importantly they’re really friendly and easy to talk to, which makes working with them productive and fun!"

Simon Warne

"Not only are their notes insightful but their style of giving feedback is encouraging and empowering."

Lucia Haynes

“Their advice is excellent and always adds levels to your script that you didn’t know needed adding.”

Darren Barker

"I've participated in development labs and received notes on my work before, but Script Angel is the best advice and tutoring of all. I was able to develop my style further without being pulled in unwanted directions. I loved every step."

Stefano Nurra

"I really appreciate Script Angel's support. My screenwriting coach has been fantastic and it's been a pleasure working with you all. I will definitely be back for support and I will continue to recommend Script Angel to others."

Uuganaa Ramsay

"Working with Script Angel is the single best thing I have done for my writing career. Working with professional editors to develop a project is invaluable to any emerging writer and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Debs Wardle

"Extremely enjoyable, challenging and ultimately a crash course in my development as a writer. Can’t recommend Script Angel enough."

Steve Blame

"I would highly recommend Script Angel for their encouraging and supportive approach. My coach was amazing - she always provided constructive notes which have proven invaluable in developing my project and skills. Thanks so much!"

Saudat Sanusi

"I would recommend Script Angel to any writer wanting to improve a piece of work. They are so constructive in their critique and approachable that you are left inspired and raring to tackle the next draft. Thanks very much!"

Roland Moore

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“Insightful, sharp, kind and honest. I’ve developed my screenwriting craft, gained speed and most importantly confidence in my abilities.”

Delphine Bergsma

Signed by agent, commissioned on drama series for MGM, several original television series in development.

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"Helped turn my mess of ideas into focused, sell-able film and television projects.”

Rebecca Handley

Shortlisted by BBC Writersroom, winner of PAGE Awards, finalist in FrightFest New Blood Award

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“Supportive, encouraging, direct, understanding, friendly, they helped me unravel the mumble jumble in my head.”

Kerry Drumm

Two television series in development with an award-winning production company.

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“Fantastic script editing, considered advice, clear guidance and positive encouragement.”

Dee Chilton

Signed by agent, Academy Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist, feature film screenplay optioned.

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“Asks the questions of the script that the writer needs to answer and encourages you to find creative solutions.”

Nicholas Gibbs

Signed by agent, original television series in development.

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"They want to get to know your writing, nurture it and help you find it a home."

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