Script Angel Inclusion Scholarship
Terms and Conditions

This is the first iteration of the Script Angel Inclusion Scholarship, taking place from April 2020. Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions before applying.


This competition opens on 17th April 2020 and closes at 5pm on Friday 1st May 2020. Any applications received after this time cannot be accepted for this round of the competition.

What you can send

  • A drama or comedy script, this can be a full-length feature film screenplay OR one-hour tv drama script OR half-hour tv comedy. If you send a tv script, you may also send a series treatment of up to two pages.
  • Duration: There are no rules, but we expect scripts to be around one minute per page, so a feature film will be around 80-110 pages, a tv drama to be 50-60 pages and a half hour sitcom to be around 30 pages.
  • Please also send a completed application form and equal opportunities form. You may also send your writer CV if you have one.

There is no fee to enter this competition.

Group submissions

Writers must be either individuals or teams of maximum two people, who are both able to attend monthly sessions. All participant writers must meet the entry requirements.

Scholarship evaluation process

  • Every application is read by one of our Script Angel screenwriter coaches.
  • Every application form will be read, with the first five pages of every script entry.
  • Script Angel reserves the right not to read the whole script if it is apparent that the writing quality or subject matter is inappropriate or violates the terms and conditions.
  • Those suiting the above requirements will be assessed by a 10-page read.
  • The top 10% of scripts will go to the full-read stage.
  • The top five writers at this stage will be invited to interview by video-call (Skype).
  • As yet, we do not know how many scripts we will receive, but we aim to read all entries within four weeks and will contact successful applicants within six weeks of the entry deadline.
  • Script Angel cannot offer feedback based on any scripts other than the winning entry.

Your eligibility

  • You must be aged over 18 and a UK resident.
  • This scholarship is open to anyone from an underrepresented background in the film and television industry. This may include your socioeconomic background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability and illness or might include an underrepresented demographic, such as being from a traveller community or growing up in care. We rely on your questionnaire statements to confirm these details and you will not be subject to further testing.
  • Writers serving a term of imprisonment can’t be considered in this round, as we are unable to undertake suitable communications with you as part of your prize.

Scholarship submission process

  • You must apply via the Script Angel email address: – if you have any access requirements meaning you can’t complete the application form pdf, please let us know and we will make reasonable accommodations.
  • You must apply with a script, not a treatment or basic idea and not prose, poems or non-fiction ideas.
    We are not accepting short films, comedy sketches or stage plays at this time. There are several other schemes in these markets.
  • You must only send work which is original to you. It must not be based on other films, shows, books, comics or anyone else’s intellectual property.
  • You must meet the above conditions to be eligible for entry. Script Angel reserves the right to disqualify writers who do not meet these criteria. The Script Angel decision is final and we will not be able to offer feedback on any project which is unsuccessful at this stage.

The terms of the prize

  • The winning entrant will receive three months of coaching. This will consist of one hour-long video-call (Skype) per month, to discuss work that you have sent to your coach, within an agreed time-frame.
  • If you have accessibility requirements meaning that this form of communication is unsuitable, we will work with you to find an alternative method to undertake your coaching.
  • The prize cannot be substituted for monetary value.
  • Only the named winning entrant/s may undertake the prize.


  • You, the writer, must warrant that you fulfil the eligibility criteria and that your work is original and does not belong to anyone else.
  • You will retain full ownership of the work. There is no need to copyright it and Script Angel will not share it with any other people or organisations.
  • All application materials will be stored confidentially, in accordance with GDPR regulations.
  • Should Script Angel wish to advocate for you or your work in future, we will always ask for your permission before naming you or your work. We will not share any part of your work without permission.
  • Script Angel would love the winning entrant to take part in future opportunities with and through us, including our marketing and promotion, which will only be undertaken with your permission.
  • Script Angel is not a production company, an agency or a management firm. We offer no promises nor guarantee any outcomes, however part of your prize will be to discuss your development strategy. Script Angel do not make individual recommendations to production companies or agencies, however we would love to work with you to explore relevant opportunities.

Script Angel reserves the right to amend these terms without notice.

More information on the Script Angel Inclusion Scholarship, including how to apply, are here. 

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