Screenwriter Coaching

Script development and screenwriter career coaching.

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Service Duration: 6 Months or 12 Months

One-on-one coaching from an experienced screenwriting coach, to help you develop a strong portfolio of scripts and pitch material for film and/or television.

Providing constructive feedback on multiple drafts of multiple projects.

Advice and guidance to create a strategy to break in as a professional screenwriter.

This is the perfect service if:

– You are ready to elevate your scripts and advance your screenwriting career.

– You want to develop multiple projects to industry-standard.

– You want a clear strategy to progress your screenwriting career.

– You want deadlines and an accountability buddy.

– You need constructive feedback on your film or tv projects.

– You want fast feedback on each new draft.

What this service provides:

– An assigned screenwriting coach to help you develop your film and/or television projects.

– A review of your portfolio, up to 3 full-length scripts and 3 treatments and a brief overview of additional early-stage ideas.

– Help to define your screenwriting goals and a strategy to achieve them.

– Constructive feedback (as Script Consultations via Skype) on multiple drafts of your prioritised project, up to a maximum of every four weeks.

– Deadlines for each rewrite and an agreed date in advance for each feedback session.

– Feedback within 7 days of delivery of each draft.

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