Do you love screenwriting but would like to make more progress turning your hobby into your career? If so, here are the five screenwriting habits you need to implement for screenwriting success this year.


Write Every Day
Even if you can only grab time in a few ten-minute chunks each day or a half-hour every evening, writing every day helps you develop those screenwriting muscles faster. And that doesn’t just mean writing script pages; all the thinking, character development and story planning that you do counts as well.

Get Feedback
Whether you use peer review from writing friends or get script development support from a professional script consultant, making feedback, notes and rewriting part of your process is crucial to improving your craft.

Set Goals and Deadlines
When there’s no-one waiting for your script it can be hard to force yourself to get the work done. Commit to deadlines; put them in your diary, share them with writing friends, commit to them on social media. Working towards screenwriting contests’ submission deadlines is a great way to impose deadlines on your writing and finding an accountability buddy to hold you to your dates will help you stick to them.

Create A Career Strategy
Having a portfolio of polished spec scripts won’t help you break in as a screenwriter if no one in the industry has read them. Create a career development strategy to ensure you’re making you and your work visible to the industry.

Develop Resilience
“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” (Richard Bach). Develop a thick skin for dealing with the inevitable rejections that will litter your path to success. Figure out ways to stay on track when you get knocked back. Try making a note of any positive comments you’ve had about your work and read through them when times are tough. Don’t give up!