Script Consultation

Feedback on film and television scripts.

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Service Duration: One-Off

Constructive feedback, via a Skype video meeting, on your film or television script from an experienced script consultant.



This is the perfect service if:

– You need a fresh perspective on your work.

– You know your script needs work but you’ve hit a wall.

– You have a script that you think might be ready to send out to the industry but aren’t sure if it’s good enough.

– You want to discuss your script with an experienced script consultant.

What this service provides:

– One of our script consultants will read your script (feature film up to 120 pages or television drama up to 70 pages) plus supporting material (feature film up to 2 pages or television drama up to 10 pages).

– During a 1-hour scheduled Skype session we will give you constructive feedback on your script.

– We’ll identify the primary areas requiring development and brainstorm fixes, leaving you prepared and fired up to write the next draft.

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